Which is the best-known celebrity fitness model?

Updated January 02, 2019 04:37:16 ABC Health: Fit me foundation, the brand of fitness model, that started in New York and expanded to a range of countries, is one of the most recognizable brands in fitness, and its products are used by celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian West.The latest edition of The DailyRead More

How to build a fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is one that you can wear on your wrist and track your steps, distance, calories burned and other fitness metrics.If you want to track your exercise, you’ll need to track it in a wearable device and a wearable tracker that fits your body type.You can also build your own wearable device withRead More

Naked fitness for women, always fits

Fitness enthusiast, fitness blogger and fashion designer, Anna Ross, wants to inspire women to fit in more.Ross, 28, who lives in the US, is a member of The Fitocracy, a group of female fitness enthusiasts who meet up in a gym in New York City every Thursday night.“Women are more interested in the fitness aspectRead More

Tiger fitness

You might be able to fit in a yoga class or walk a mile without getting fit.But you might not be able do those things in the same time. Tigers, for example, don’t have any legs.They are more of a quadruped.And they are incredibly long-legged.And that means they have to use their legs to climb andRead More

Nintendo Fit Plus 2 Review

Nintendo FitPlus 2 is a fitness tracker, and it’s basically a Fitbit in a box.It’s got a few bells and whistles, like a heart rate monitor, a sleep tracker, GPS, and a motion detector, but its main selling point is its price tag: $129.The FitPlus2 is not exactly a device that can be easily comparedRead More

How to avoid being overweight in 2018

4/5 The perfect summer for a fitter lifestyle?One of the key messages of 2018 was the need to eat well and exercise regularly.But how can you ensure that you’re doing all this and still look and feel like the fit person you think you are?The new fitter advice programme from fitness company FourFourThree offers adviceRead More

What is Samsung Galaxy Fit?

Samsung Galaxy Fitness is an affordable fitness tracker that’s currently available on select US carriers.You can find it on select Samsung phones and tablets for $199 or less.It works by recording your steps and running your heart rate over a series of heart-rate monitors to calculate your fitness level.Samsung’s fitness trackers don’t require you toRead More

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