What do you think of Nintendo’s new ring fit?

Nintendo has announced a change to its ring fit for its new Switch.

In a video released today, the company explained that the changes have been made in order to ensure that users can use the Switch with a ring fitting if they have a physical Switch and do not want to use a switch ring.

The change comes after reports in the media claimed that Nintendo was not doing enough to make its Switch ring fit with the way it does for other consoles, but Nintendo’s latest video explains that Nintendo has been trying to make sure that the Switch can be used with a Switch ring.

“We’ve had the Ring Fit for Switch ring for some time now,” Nintendo explains in the video.

“The Switch’s Ring Fit was an amazing improvement over the previous generation of Switch, and it was a huge success for our Switch fans.

Now, with the Switch’s ring fit being redesigned to make it more comfortable to use, it is our goal to make the Switch ring more comfortable as well.”

But what if we’re not sure if a Switch user can use a Switch with the new Switch Ring Fit?

“The video goes on to say that Nintendo is “working hard to improve our Switch ring fitting” to make “a seamless, secure, and comfortable Switch ring”.

The changes to the Switch Ring fit, it should be noted, are coming in two versions.

One is for people who have already bought a Switch, so it will not affect them at all.

The other version, for those who have purchased a Switch and are unsure whether they will need to replace their Switch ring, will cause them to need to change their ring to a new one.

Nintendo has also made a small update to the way its Switch Switch controller works, and there is a new “Cancel” button in the Joy-Con controller.

This “Cancels” Joy-Cons in an effort to reduce complaints from users.

The Switch will be available for pre-order in the UK on Friday, November 15, at 9am GMT and will be on sale for £49.99 in the US on November 23.

Nintendo previously released the Switch in Japan on November 13, but it will be sold in the rest of the world on November 28.

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