How SASCAS and Peak Fitness got started in a photo op

The idea of being in a gym with your own personal trainer or gym buddy was pretty cool.

But, as it turns out, it’s pretty damn hard to find a gym that doesn’t offer a few of the things that these people love to do.

In a city that’s known for its fitness and fitness-focused businesses, that’s the real key.

So we wanted to bring it to the people, whether you’re just getting fit or your gym is just a fun place to hang out with your friends.

So, we reached out to the folks at SASCASE, a fitness and wellness company that’s based in Dallas, Texas.

And we asked them to help us out.

So far, the results have been amazing!

The SASCAST members have been on the lookout for a place where they could do the things they love to perform, and this is a perfect spot to be part of.

We had to put up with a bit of a wait before we could actually meet, but it was worth the wait.

The SASCAR members are the most active people on the planet, and that’s exactly what they love about being part of the SASCASSET community.

The members have done the same thing for over three years now, and they’ve all seen the results.

SASCACE member Rebecca Bieni has a goal to become a certified personal trainer.

She’s doing it by working out with a personal trainer, but she’s also learning to do things like yoga and pilates, too.

Her trainer, Kevin, also uses SASCASH, which is part of a larger fitness community in Dallas called Peak Fitness.

Kevin’s goal is to be certified in as many different fitness-related areas as possible by 2019.

He’s also a registered fitness instructor.

So he’s already getting a lot of clients to join, including the likes of Tom Dufresne, a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Tom Dafresne is a Dallas Cowboy fan, so he’s very excited to meet SASCAT members like Rebecca and Kevin.

Rebecca Brieni is an SASCACC member.

She uses SASCAR, and she’s going to need all of the training she can get.

She can do a lot more than just doing the squat, deadlift, or bench press.

Rebecca is working out in the comfort of her own home, which gives her more freedom than working out at a gym.

She loves going to her local park or park next door to the fitness center.

She also loves going out with her friends to see the local bands and get a good workout.

Her favorite workout is to run a mile in her favorite shoe, but her workout routine is flexible enough to fit her needs.

Kevin says he’s looking forward to learning more about SASCAC and Peak, and seeing the results of his work with the members.

When we asked Rebecca what the perks of joining SASCALL are, she said, “Just being able to do what I love and be around other SASCA members.

We get to do a bit more than what I’d do at a regular gym.

And that’s always really exciting.

I can just see myself using my knowledge in the future, when I can work out more in the fitness field.”

The SASCAAS members have found a place in the community, too, thanks to the dedication of the members who make the community happen.

“I think it’s really cool to be able to share in a community where people like me are really taking the time to help each other out,” Rebecca said.

Kevin said, when he’s not working out, he’s trying to improve his strength and flexibility.

He also enjoys the fact that he gets to work out with people who he’s never met before.

“If you know someone like that, you’re probably going to really enjoy working with them,” he said.

The most common question that the members get asked is, “How do you do it?,” and the answers are pretty simple.

Kevin is very experienced in strength training, but Rebecca and Rebecca are both very new to this.

They both started out with some basic fitness basics, but now they’re learning to incorporate more advanced training methods into their training.

When Kevin started out, his biggest challenge was finding the right training session.

“For me, I was just training for the day and just trying to work hard every day,” Kevin said.

He didn’t have a lot to show for it, but he’s a big believer in doing more than you train for.

When it comes to learning the basics, Kevin says it’s important to learn how to perform different exercises in different ways.

“You need to get your muscles really sore, and you need to train your lower back really well,” he explained.

“When I start doing this, I have to have a really hard day because I’m training my lower back.

It’s pretty painful.”

The members also have a wide range of interests.

Kevin has a

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