How to get a ‘sick feeling’ on the subway

It’s a common symptom of flu: You feel sick to your stomach.

But it can be caused by a viral strain of the H1N1 coronavirus, and a new study finds it’s much more common than previously thought.

It also suggests the flu can be passed on to someone else if the person isn’t vaccinated.

The study, published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, also found that people who have had an active coronaviruses-like infection before, even if they’ve never had the flu, could be at risk.

If you’re feeling sick, it’s time to get vaccinated.

It’s important to get all the vaccine you can for the pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all adults aged 18 to 64 get three doses of the flu vaccine each year.

But there’s a catch: Some of the vaccines contain the same strain of H1Ns, which causes a “sick” or “swollen” feeling.

There are three main types of H5N1 viruses, and the CDC has said some of the strains are more deadly than others.

The type that causes the most deaths in humans is called H1, or seasonal, coronaviroids.

H1 viruses are more common in the Midwest, but the other three are more prevalent in the East, West and Southwest.

H1N2, also called H7N2 is a new strain of coronavirets that’s being linked to severe cases of coronitis in the United States, including an outbreak in Illinois.

The CDC has also linked coronaviral-like illness to the H5 strains, and this new study shows that if someone has had an H1 or H7 virus before, that could be an indication they’ve been exposed to the coronavid.

It’s not clear whether people who’ve had an outbreak of coronajvirus infections before have more of the coronajvir than people who haven’t.

But the CDC recommends that people stay home from the flu season if they’re at least 18 and have no history of an H5 or H1 flu, or any of the other coronavviruses.

If you or someone you know has symptoms of coronvirus-like symptoms, including coughing, fever and muscle pain, call your doctor or get tested for coronavrepertosis.

For more information, visit the CDC website.

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