Bodybuilding definition: ‘Fitting’

Bodybuilding is a physical activity that involves a person performing physical activities such as squats, deadlifts, dead lifts, press-ups, pull-ups and more.

Bodybuilding includes the exercises that are commonly performed by a bodybuilder such as the pull-up, the squat, the deadlift, and the press.

It’s also the name for a type of exercise in which the weight is placed on the back of a body part.

According to the National Association of Boards of Gymnastics, bodybuilders also perform pull-downs, sit-ups (sit-ups on a bar with the bar at a 90-degree angle) and barbell curls.

Bodybuilders use a variety of equipment to do their workouts, including heavy weights, a weighted band, and a belt.

The National Association for Bodybuilding and Fitness defines bodybuilding as: Fitness.

The term bodybuilding is used to describe a person’s ability to lift a significant amount of weight without injury to his or her body.

In addition to lifting, bodybuilding involves physical activity such as squatting, deadlifting, bench press, pullups, and more that require a lot of strength and muscular endurance.

In other words, a bodybuilding bodybuilder is an athlete who is able to do the exercises while maintaining a high level of physical fitness and performance.

Bodybuilder fitness includes the following types of bodybuilding: Strength.

A bodybuilder may perform exercises that include squatting and deadlifting without injury.

Examples include the barbell curl, deadlift or press, press ups and pull-down.


A person may perform bodybuilding exercises such as chin-ups or pull-overs without injury and without the use of any form of compression or stress.

Examples of bodybuilders who perform power exercises include bodybuilders in competition, weightlifters, and gymnasts.


A weightlifting bodybuilder can perform a variety a of different power exercises including chin-up barbell swings, barbell rows, overhead press, and squatting.


A fitness or strength athlete may perform conditioning exercises such the bench press and the squat to build muscle mass and strength.

This type of training involves strengthening the muscles of the legs and lower body while increasing the amount of muscle that can be performed.

Resistance Training.

A power or strength trainer may perform resistance training exercises such push-ups for 10 to 15 reps, push-downs for 10 reps, dips for 10 or 15 reps and dips for 5 to 10 reps.

The following fitness or bodybuilding activities are also considered bodybuilding workouts: Bodyweight exercises.

These exercises involve lifting heavy weights on a stationary surface such as a bench, bar, or dumbbell.

They can also include dumbbell rows and overhead press exercises that involve lifting the weight from the floor or a platform on the floor.


Pushups are an exercise in the pushup position.

Pushup exercises require the participant to hold the bar above the waist and lower the weight onto the floor in front of him or her.

Barbell curls and bench press.

These two exercises are performed on the bar with a handle.

Bar weight is used as a barbell for the pullup, but the bar is weighted down with the legs.

Bar curls require the shoulders to be in contact with the floor for 20 to 25 seconds.

Bar rows are performed by using a bar or a heavy dumbbell on the upper body.

Bar presses are performed with the upper back on the ground, shoulders flexed and the arms extended.

A shoulder press is a vertical arm-extension exercise in a similar manner to the pullups.

Pull-ups require the arms to be extended slightly.

In the pull up, the person lifts the bar to the point where the bar dips to the ground in front or behind the person.

In a pull-off, the participant lifts the weight off the ground while simultaneously pushing off with both arms.

A pull-over requires the arms and legs to be locked together for a second or two.

In another variation, the bodybuilder raises the bar from a bench or the bar’s edge.

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