How to Get Fit for Ep Fitness: La Fitness Reopening

The ep fitness company that launched the fitness revolution for adult entertainment is reopening its doors to the public on Thursday, March 16, 2019.

La Fitness reopens its doors in the iconic Westgate Las Vegas hotel, the same building that has hosted the ep for the past six years.

The reopening will be the first in the ep’s history and marks the first time La Fitness is officially opening its doors.

The ep will also re-open its doors at the iconic Sheraton Las Vegas in January 2020, with Ep also opening at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel & Casino in December.

“We’re so excited to be opening our doors for the first day,” said Ep founder and CEO Matt Fraction.

“Our mission is to make adult entertainment more accessible to all ages, to give women and men of all sizes the freedom to exercise and enjoy their bodies in a safe, fun and exciting environment.

We’ve worked hard to make sure our products are comfortable and fun for both men and women, and we’re proud to announce that La Fitness reopening is just one more way we can make the experience for women and girls more accessible and enjoyable.”

La Fitness is owned by ep co-founder and CEO Lauren Faust.

It has also partnered with the adult entertainment industry to provide an array of products and services.

La Flexion, a non-invasive flexible flexing technology, is La Fitness’s first product, which it debuted last year.

The new flexible flex machine features two separate, adjustable legs.

It’s the company’s first flexible flex product to reach the market, according to Fraction, who said the company hopes to be able to provide products to more than 100 million people worldwide.

Fraction also pointed to the introduction of a new flexible machine, the La Flexi, which is designed for women.

LaFlexi offers a unique flexible flex mechanism, which allows women to flex their bodies and legs in a way that has been described as “the first flexible massager.”

La Flexi also allows women who are not wearing a bra to use a larger, non-padded size of bra.

La Flexion is the first flexible device to offer that feature.

La Fantasic is La Flexic’s newest and most advanced flexible device.

The company has designed a new “fantasic” model that combines La Fantasics unique flexible leg design with a stretchy elastic band that allows women and other body types to flex at their desired levels.

La Flair, La Flair Fitness, La Flexy, La Fit, and La Flexa are all trademarks of La Flexo International, LLC.

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