The mirror fitness: Best fitness watch?

A new fitness watch that comes in a mirror, as opposed to a smartwatch, has been the subject of a major debate.

We spoke to one of the co-founders of the new watch, the former CEO of the fitness tracker company MyFitnessPal, about the merits of the product and what he and his team were trying to accomplish. 

We asked the following questions:1.

What’s the purpose of the mirror fitness?2.

How does it compare to other smartwatches?3.

Why is it different?

The Mirror Fitness is not the first smartwatch that comes with a built-in mirror.

That honour belongs to the Fitbit Charge 2, which came with a simple and functional design that is similar to the Pebble Smartwatch.

The mirror in the new device seems to offer a more advanced design.

The device has a wider screen and a circular face, making it easy to see what is being recorded. 

The device has an LED light sensor that detects heart rate, calories burned, and activity.

This allows for better data analysis and personalized workouts. 

According to MyFitit, the device is able to track up to 6,000 steps per day, with up to 50 steps per minute and up to 5 minutes per charge. 

This is an improvement over previous smartwis because the new tracker uses Bluetooth LE technology to connect to your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing for quick connection to your computer. 

How is the device used?

The device can be used in many ways.

The most basic use case for the device would be to track your sleep. 

To be able to do this, you can use the device with the built- in sleep tracking app. 

For more advanced usage, you will want to connect the device to your fitness tracker and use it for regular workouts.

You can also use the tracker to track and compare your fitness data. 

Do I need to purchase the Mirror Fitness?


You can choose the model of the Mirror Fit in the store. 

What does it weigh?

The mirror fitness is currently priced at $199.99.

It has a display size of 13.4 inches (350 mm), which is larger than a lot of smartwires. 

Will the device be compatible with other smart devices?

Yes, the mirror fit will be compatible, but only with the Pebble smartwatch. 

Is the device waterproof? 

The mirror fit is designed to withstand temperatures up to -25°C. 

I would not recommend using it with a lot more than a rain jacket. 

Why is the Mirror fitness not the best fitness watch on the market? 

It is a mirror. 

However, the product is still in the early stages of development.

It does not yet have a GPS, and there is no built-out display. 

Can I expect to see other fitness trackers like this? 

Of course. 

If you want a smart watch that can help you with tracking your workouts, then you should consider a fitness tracker. 

Where can I buy it? 

You are able to purchase it in the United States from 

Are there other companies that are working on a fitness track that uses a mirror? 


A company called Misfit has a new product called the MyFIT (which stands for My Fitness Tracker), which uses an integrated mirror to track the steps you take every day. 

Misfit is working on the MyFit tracker, and is currently seeking a partner to help develop the device. 

Who is behind the MirrorFit? 

MyFitnesspal is a fitness tracking company founded by former MyFiprespal CEO Stefan Molyneux in 2016. 

They are also the cofounders behind MyFittest, a fitness fitness tracker that uses the same concept. 

My Fittest has raised $20 million in funding. 

In addition to being a fitness watch, Misfits current fitness tracker, the My Fit Fitness, is the first to incorporate a smart sensor and a heart rate monitor. 

When is the next update coming? 

As we mentioned before, the next release will be a firmware update that will bring the new My Fit Fit to market. 

Does the Mirrorfit come with a GPS? 

No, it does not. 

Which fitness tracker will be the best fit for me? 

We know that the FitBit Charge 2 is the best choice for the mirror Fit, but there are a few competitors out there. 

There are three different fitness trackters out there that are currently available. 

 The first is the Pebble Charge 2. 

It has a similar design to the Mirror Fits, but it is designed for a more personalized approach to fitness. 

Its battery life is longer, and it also comes with an accelerometer. 

As a bonus, you get to wear it with an external battery pack

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