Which Fitbit is the best value for money?

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that has the latest and greatest features, you may want to check out the Fitbit Core or Fitbit Surge. 

But which fitness tracker is the one for you? 

The Fitbit Sport is the closest Fitbit has come to a fitness tracking device since the first Fitbit was released back in 2014. 

It’s the second best-selling fitness tracker in the US and, according to the Fitbix report, it’s the best-performing fitness tracker for the past 10 years. 

However, the Core, which comes in both black and white colors, doesn’t quite match up to its Core competitor in terms of features, so whether you’re a fan of the black or white color scheme, the Fitbits Surge isn’t far behind. 

The Surge is also the best performing Fitbit in the United States, according the FitBix report. 

And if you’re after the best in design, the Surge is the most affordable of the three. 

There’s a lot to like about the Fitcore Plus and the Fitbeast, but the Fitgest has the most features and price. 

So which Fitbit tracker is best for you and what do you need to know about the two new fitness tracking devices? 


The Fitbit Hub and the Surge both have a GPS, but they both have different GPS bands and different sensors to choose from. 

What’s the difference? 

This is a key question that can be hard to answer if you don’t have the proper hardware in your home. 

If you’re going to buy a fitness track that’s not just GPS, you should look into the GPS chip, the GPS antenna, the accelerometer, the gyroscope, the magnetometer, and the accelerometers that are included in each device. 

These chips have different data rates, which means they can vary in signal strength. 

For example, the HRW2520 and HRW3050 chip have a higher data rate than the HRM2950 chip that’s in the FitBit Hub. 

In addition, each chip also has a different resolution, which is used to determine what type of data you get. 

You can read more about the different chips in the section above on how to find the right GPS chip for your device.

The HRW2600 chip is an advanced chip that has GPS, accelerometer and gyro sensors on it, but it has a larger sensor area. 

To get the best performance, you want a GPS chip that can support both high-resolution and high-quality GPS signals. 

I personally recommend the HRBeast GPS chip if you want the most performance, but you can get the HR2020 chip if that’s what you want. 


The FitCore Plus uses the same GPS chip as the FitCore, but has a newer, faster GPS chip. 

How does it work? 

A GPS chip works by sending an infrared signal to your GPS unit. 

That signal then sends a signal to the GPS unit’s GPS receiver. 

This allows your GPS device to get data from a GPS device on the same network and then send it back to your device and display the data. 

Most GPS devices support multiple GPS bands, so it can take advantage of a wide range of bands for high-performance GPS signals and low-quality signals.

The newer GPS chip allows the Fit Core Plus to use a larger GPS receiver, which helps it to handle higher-quality data.

It also has two different antennas. 

A high-speed antenna has a higher frequency than the low-frequency antenna that’s used on most GPS devices. 

When you’re using the Fitband to track your steps, you’re sending the GPS signal through a high-frequency receiver.

A low-speed receiver has a lower frequency than what you’re trying to transmit. 

Once you’ve got both antennas, it should be easy to pair them together to get the highest-quality signal. 


If you want to make sure your Fitbit tracking device works with the Fitbase app, it can do that by scanning your steps. 

Fitbit tracks your steps through a system called the Fitbasestat that has to work with the Garmin Connect app on your phone to get you started. 

 The Garmin Connect application has a built-in Garmin Connect for Fitbit Fitbit HR tracking app that’s compatible with Garmin Connect apps for Android and iPhone. 

On your phone, open the FitBase app, select “Fitbase,” and then “Scan Steps.” 

Once the steps are detected, it’ll send the data to the GarminConnect app, which will then send the steps to the fitness tracker. 


Fitbit uses the FitBand’s gyro sensor to track step rate. 

Why does it need a GPS? 

If the Fit band isn’t used for the GPS, the

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