How to dress for a date with a vintage sweater

FourFourThree: How to wear vintage sweaters for a casual date article FourFive: The best and worst vintage sweater pieces to wear for casual date in Sydney article FourSix: The most and least classic vintage sweeter pieces to get dressed up for a night out in Sydney

How to be a fit nana in 3 minutes

A fitness porn star is taking the world by storm with a new workout routine that’s not just about getting in shape, but also about becoming a nana.Amber Rose, aka Nana, is one of the world’s hottest fitness porn stars.She stars in a series of fitness videos that make her a celebrity in her ownRead More

How fitness stores are changing the way we train and eat

With the launch of the Fitbit Surge, you’ll be able to get an online fitness tracking device to measure your activity, weight, and calories over time.But that doesn’t mean the fitness stores themselves are changing how you train or eat.You might just be doing more.Read moreThe company recently announced that Fitbit has created an onlineRead More

When the Fitbit isn’t the Fit, it’s the FitBit

Fitbit CEO Marc Benioff said that his company’s latest smartwatch was a “very important” step in the company’s “long journey to make fitness more accessible to everyone.”The company is betting that this smartwatch, dubbed the Fitbits Ultra, will help make that happen.The Ultra is one of a new breed of fitness trackers that will competeRead More

Why the $300 Fitbit Surge is the most expensive bike on the market

Fitbit, the fitness company founded by entrepreneur Jawbone founder Bode Miller, announced it will start selling the first-ever $300 Power Bike.The new bike is the latest in the company’s long-running cycle of smart, fitness-focused devices.It is also the company, which makes many of the other $100, $200 and $300 bikes, that is likely to becomeRead More

How to train your body to be happier and more resilient

A fitness trainer wants to teach you how to become more resilient and more flexible.But he’s also got some advice for you, too: how to make yourself happier, happier, and more versatile.The answer: make yourself happy.And he’s not just talking about you.The advice comes from fitness coach and former professional bodybuilder Nick Vella, whose latestRead More

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