How to stay fit at max fitness?

Fitness is no longer a “fad” and, with the advent of the fitness industry, many people are starting to understand that a fitness routine can work for them.Here is a quick guide on how to stay in shape at max fit.1.Keep your body flexible and mobileA fitness routine needs to be flexible and flexible atRead More

Obama: Google Fit, Facebook are ‘part of the problem’

Google and Facebook are “part of a larger problem,” President Barack Obama said Tuesday during a speech in California.“I don’t know what the answer is,” Obama said during an appearance at a California university.“I mean, if you’re just talking about the fact that people are doing what they’re doing, I don’t understand it.If you’re goingRead More

Why are you getting fitter?

When I think of fitness, my first thought is usually a gym, or the gym where I’ve heard the most positive things about fitness.The gym where you work out and where you meet people with the same goals.Gymnasiums.Gym class.The one where you play a sport.Gym memberships.But then I think about a gym where no oneRead More

How to make your own ring fit adventures

Fit adventures is a fun way to explore fitness in an interactive way.You can explore the basics like how to fit a ring or how to measure your circumference.But there’s also a lot to learn about the world of ring fitting.In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of the ring fitting game, what youRead More

Fitness porn, fitness porn, porn, celebs, fitness

FITNESS PORN The Fitness Porn industry is a lucrative and growing industry that has grown to include over 100 brands and a huge online audience.There are over 50 million videos uploaded each month and over 100 million subscribers to the site.There is a huge range of topics and products available for people to download andRead More

How to buy a smartwatch for less than $1,000

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who bought an Apple Watch Sport for $1.3 million, you’re probably happy to know it has a few things you’ll want to consider.The main thing is that it has Apple’s signature “core home” fitness tracker.This is a new fitness tracker, and one that will probablyRead More

How to get fit in New Zealand

New Zealanders have an unhealthy obsession with fitness.We’re obsessed with eating and sleeping well.And we’re obsessed by our weight.So why is this obsession growing?For the past few years, New Zealand has had the world’s highest rate of obesity.That’s the same proportion of the population as is overweight.It’s a national health emergency, and it’s getting worse.AsRead More

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